Why Us

Our Competition

There are plenty of green cleaning companies to choose from in Portland but we think you’ll choose us after shopping the competition. Our competitors range from cleaning franchises to large, multi-national companies. Before you sign a contract, you should know what to expect:

Cleaning Franchises such as Jani-King, Coverall, Jani-Pro, ServiceMaster Clean, Vanguard Cleaning Systems, Jan-Pro and others are in the business of signing accounts and selling the business to other cleaners. That means you don’t know who will be cleaning your office building or what their standards are.

Franchises don’t screen cleaners or contractors. They hire whoever is willing to pay the franchise fee to service your account. No cleaning experience is necessary!

They also charge hefty fees:

  • For a $1,000/month account you will have to pay $6,000 or more upfront! And that’s just because they signed the contract, instead of you!
  • Service fees include a monthly 15% charge, which go to royalty and management fees.
  • If they lose your account after the 6-12 month guarantied period, you are required to pay the initial franchise fee again, which is generally 6 times the monthly account fee, or a finder’s fee, which is 3 to 4 times the monthly account fee.
  • Franchisees are trained in green cleaning products and procedures by watching a 1-2 hour video; many are just trained in regular janitorial cleaning procedures and products.
  • They require franchisees to buy cleaning tools and chemicals and uniforms from them, which often are very expensive, outdated, and inefficient.
  • Some companies require you, the franchisee, to buy business insurance from them at a much higher rate.


National Companies and Multimillion Dollar Companies have large staffs of managers and cleaners, which can mean you can get lost in the shuffle. Those large staffs also drive up your monthly cleaning fees.

Larger companies vary in how they operate. Some offer low benefits to workers, meaning they aren’t able to attract the highest quality workforce. Generally cleaners don’t even receive reviews of their work, so they will never know if they need to improve to meet their clients’ needs.

On the other hand, at unionized companies, workers may receive better benefits, but many times management is too weak to discipline hourly employees who are responsible for cleaning a building.

Because there are so many layers in larger companies, communication between the customer and the cleaner gets lost and distorted as it passes through the chain of command. This leads to miscommunication, which is a very frequent and unpleasant issue between the owner or property manager and the cleaning company.

Like cleaning franchises, big companies often hire smaller janitorial companies as subcontractors to manage part of their business. That means you don’t know who is cleaning your building. Those janitorial subcontractors actually hire the employees and other subcontractors, which will ultimately clean the building. There’s no guarantee those employees will be licensed or bonded or even trained in proper green cleaning procedures.


Our Difference

Green Cleaning Services, Inc. is a locally-owned company formed by certified property managers and janitorial contractors who recognized the need for a reliable, quality, green cleaning company in the Portland Metro Area.

We use only EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved chemicals and products recognized under the DFE (Design for the Environment) label. Many of our competitors will say they do the same thing, and they are right! There are hundreds of chemicals approved under the DFE label.

It’s a very long list

Our difference is that we have tested and worked with many of these products over the years, and chosen to use only the newest, most advanced and most efficient of them all! This is a continuous and never-ending process, and we are committed to always improving our cleaning services by implementing the newest and most efficient products on the market!

We also use the most advanced green cleaning equipment, including Windsor Sensor vacuums, the highest standard in commercial vacuuming, with CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) and USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) seals of approval.

Unlike our competitors, we’re a locally owned and operated cleaning business, specializing in green commercial office cleaning and construction cleanups for Portland-Vancouver greater area.

We promise to not sell your account or hire other cleaning companies to manager our accounts. If you hire us to clean your building, our licensed and bonded staff will do the work. If we break that promise, we will give you a full refund on your monthly payment and allow you to break your contract with us. That’s our difference!

Because we’re a medium-sized Portland-based green cleaning company, our clients have direct communication with the cleaner and their supervisor, allowing our staff to receive information, requests and complaints quickly and accurately, enabling us to respond in a timely manner.

Our prices are at least 10% lower than those of our bigger competitors! We have no overhead personnel to support and pass the savings on to you!


Our Pledge

We at Green Cleaning Services, Inc. always strive to provide our Portland-Vancouver clients with the best cleaning service possible. It is our high level of responsibility combined with our commitment to hard work and to always using the most innovative and efficient green cleaning products and techniques that has allowed us to deliver on that promise for a decade now.

We are able to deliver the most advanced green cleaning program to our clients through our strong leadership and by continually training and educating workers at all levels of our company. Our adherence to hard work has allowed us to grow from humble beginnings as a small green cleaning service into a million-dollar company.

In success we have never deviated from our strong work ethic – it’s our nature, it’s our business, and it’s your reward. Our no nonsense approach to work has made our workforce proficient and seemingly indefatigable. This is evident at any work site and has been recognized by clients.

Our workers make the difference. They have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and are committed to doing top quality work using top quality products. We are able to attract skilled and dedicated employees by giving them the best possible atmosphere in which to work, the best possible training, and the best possible tools and products available on the market. In return, they give our clients their very best each and every single working day. We value their contribution and we hold them in high regard. They are the pride of our company and we cannot thank them enough for carrying us forward.

We pride ourselves in the honesty and fairness shown at all levels of our company, something we believe is a key factor in why clients choose Green Cleaning Services, Inc. To our clients in the Portland Greater Area – America’s Top Green City, we promise to work hard to show you respect and dignity for the trust you place in us.

Thank you!