Commercial Green Cleaning

Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning

Our Top Specialty is Non-toxic, Eco-friendly Cleaning for Commercial Buildings and Small Businesses in the Portland Metro Area. We use only the highest quality non-toxic, natural, earth-friendly cleaners. Most of our competitors have not even heard about some of the chemicals and products we proudly use. That’s because we strive ourselves on being the green cleaning leader in Portland-Vancouver Area by continuously researching and educating ourselves in the newest, most innovative products and chemicals, and by testing and implementing those products in our cleaning programs.

America’s Greenest City deserves nothing less!

Call or email us today and we will show you the difference between us and the competition: ask your current cleaning company a green question they should definitely know, but they most likely won’t! We will give you the answer.

We can also help clients move from a traditional janitorial service to a complete green cleaning program. We have experience working with clients who have applied for L.E.E.D. Certification or Green Building Certification and know the newest green cleaning standards and guidelines required by this process.