Construction Green Cleaning

Post-Construction Cleanup

We offer 24/7 green cleaning services to meet the varying needs of construction sites. We can schedule cleaning crews day and night, while contractors are on and off the job. We also are experienced working at building sites designed by architects without cleaning and building maintenance in mind.

Construction workers at the sites we work at appreciate our use of non-toxic chemicals to improve the air safety at their job site. We work closely with the building owner and the contractor(s) to make sure we meet each of their needs.

One of our specialties is our know-how in removing specific types of chemicals, adhesives, and paint without damaging the finished product. We use biodegradable chemicals to make this job safer and easier.

We have a clear understanding of the final inspection process on construction sites and what needs to be done for our clients. Even after sites are completed, contractors frequently have to come back and make changes, requiring us to come back in and re-clean some areas.

We follow our clients to job sites anywhere in the Portland-Vancouver Metro Area and sometimes farther.