Medical Green Cleaning

Medical Facilities

It is critical medical facilities choose a janitorial service with experience in cleaning hospitals and other medical sites. Each year in U.S. hospitals an estimated 99,000 people die of health care associated infections.

Our decontamination services extend far beyond simple cleaning in hospitals and other medical facilities. Our approach to the decontamination process is based upon science and empirical data, using the latest technologies and information available along with the most innovative products and stringent facility cleaning techniques to meet global regulatory expectations.

At Green Cleaning Services, Inc. we understand how important it is to create a cleaning program specific to each facility. Knowing the difference between green and non-green chemicals is very important in this sector. Depending on the type of the medical facility cleaned, we use the least toxic disinfectant and minimum dilution rate to meet their requirements. We do not use a “kills all viruses and bacteria” type of disinfectant, but we change the chemical and the dilution rate for the particularities of that medical facility. Our most preferred sanitizing disinfectant is showcased in our “Solutions” page and is an All Natural, EPA Approved, very powerful disinfectant, the first new disinfectant to be registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in more than 30 years.

More hospitals and other medical facilities are switching to green cleaning programs as a way to benefit patients’ and workers’ health and to save money. We can work with your facility to create a program that works for you.