Specialty Green Cleaning

We also offer our green cleaning services for other types of buildings that require special consideration, including:

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Commercial kitchens run more efficiently and safely when restaurant equipment is grease free, satisfies insurance requirements and meets fire code. Our commercial kitchen cleaners will make your kitchen gleam as never before, promote performance of your equipment and insure the safety of your kitchen staff, restaurant employees and customers – all without disrupting your business. Green Cleaning Services, Inc. will move cooking equipment (where possible) and clean the backsplash from the floor up behind the cooking equipment, clean the inside of all ovens, clean the top, back, and all sides of the cooking equipment, clean the dishwasher fan and ductwork, and more.

Data Center Cleaning

We can clean just about any room, including data centers, computer rooms, and cleanrooms. We use HEPA-filtered vacuums to remove microparticles and specialized cleaning agents remove dirt from tile and carpeted surfaces. This improves the static dissipation properties and prolongs the condition of the high-pressure laminate subfloor. Also lowers cooling costs by reducing the air density and improving the air quality by removing 99.999% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.12 micron or larger and prolongs the lifetime of hardware and equipment by maintaining optimal operating conditions. Our highly trained and experienced managers and technicians use only cleanroom-approved chemicals and equipment to ensure the long-term safety and health of your environment. Our services are backed by the Data Clean 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Graffiti Removal

Our mission is to use the highest quality, most effective, environmentally responsible products possible. We are continuing our research in the area of graffiti removers and their other possible uses to remove paints and markers from various surfaces. One application of our graffiti removal services is restoring whiteboards after being ruined by magic markers. Another one is coating of digital pictures for prevention of deterioration. We are continuing to improve our product line and to find new uses for our graffiti removers. Our goal is to restore surfaces to their original form and appearance by keeping ahead of the graffiti taggers and the damage they cause by their pseudo artwork.

School and Church Cleaning

Green Cleaning Services, Inc. will develop a schedule that works around your flow of traffic. In our bid we will reflect the amount of hours worked each day at your facility and what times. We offer flexibility to cover large events and your ever changing schedule, taking care of all the before and after cleaning services required, regardless of the time and date, or size. Green Cleaning Services, Inc. understands that at your facility it is not just about cleaning but about customer service. Our employees interface with many people at your facility on a regular basis and are able to communicate effectively. Our employment model allows us to have sharp professional people that are willing and able to meet your needs and the needs of your facility. Also, the person who will assume the position of custodian is accepting a very important role in the functioning of your school. The custodian will not only be working with maintenance, cleaning, and care, but he will be working with people, especially children. A spirit of Christian love and concern shown by friendliness and helpfulness will fit into the framework of the goals our school has for training young disciples. We know there is a need for the custodian to understand children and their need for guidance.

Emergency Cleanups

Water Damage Restoration Services, Bio Hazard Cleanups, Fire and Smoke Damage Services.