Green Cleaning FAQ

Green Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

How is green cleaning different from traditional janitorial services?

Green cleaning services use cleaning products that are less harmful to the environment and people than traditional commercial cleaning products. They also use different equipment and cleaning methods to further reduce allergens and dust from the air.

A comprehensive green cleaning program requires a change in habit from the top-down at companies, from introducing recycling programs to switching to plastic garbage bags and paper products that create less waste.

Why should I hire Green Cleaning Services, Inc.?

Because we think green and because we think local! And we are proud to serve exclusively the Portland Greater Area, which has been America’s top Green City for many years now!

Because we’re a smaller green cleaning company, our management team knows our customers personally and we’re always willing to go the extra mile with personalized service that meets all of our clients’ needs.

And because we will never sell your account or hire other janitorial cleaning companies to manage our accounts. If you hire us to clean your building, our licensed and bonded staff will do the work. If we break that promise, we will give you a full refund on your monthly payment and allow you to break your contract with us.

We always strive to provide our clients with the best service possible. It is our high level of responsibility combined with our commitment to hard work and to always using the most innovative green cleaning products and techniques that has allowed us to deliver on that promise for a decade now.

We are able to deliver the most advanced green cleaning program to our clients through our strong leadership and by continually training and educating workers at all levels of our company.

What are your rates?

Guaranteed 10% or lower than franchise and national cleaning companies! Why?

Because we operate exclusively in the Portland Metro Area, and we do not have the overhead personnel expenses of our big competitors.

We do not pay for telemarketers, sales representatives, district and regional managers, multiple office locations, being able to pass those savings on to you!

Are your employees licensed and bonded?

Yes, we carefully screen our employees, checking references, running drug tests and requiring they be licensed and bonded. We don’t contract third party janitorial companies, so we always know who is cleaning your building.

Does Green Cleaning Services, Inc. works with LEED Certified buildings?

Yes. We have green cleaning programs for LEED-certified buildings and we also work with customers who are working to get their building green certified. We understand the certification process and what is required for a green cleaning program.

Do green products clean as well?

Yes. Green cleaning products we use sanitize and kill bacteria as well as traditional janitorial products. Unlike traditional products, they won’t harm the indoor air quality, leading to health problems among employees, customers and other visitors to your building.

How does green cleaning work?

Environmentally preferable cleaning works in two ways. First, it relies on cleaning chemicals that do not contain many of the highly toxic constituents that are common in cleaning products. Second, it employs advanced technology, such as microfiber dust mops, that is more effective at gathering dirt, soil, and other particulate matter. By utilizing safer cleaning chemicals and modern equipment, “green” cleaning releases fewer harmful particulates and toxic substances into the environment.

Why is equipment important to a green cleaning program?

High-performance equipment is an important component of environmentally preferable cleaning because these tools—such as HEPPA filtration vacuum cleaners, microfiber mops and cloths, multilevel walk-off mats, and two-chamber mop buckets—are designed to prevent dirt and soil from contaminating surfaces, thus reducing the amount of chemicals required for cleaning.

Does a green cleaning program cost more?

No, implementing a green cleaning program costs the same, or in some cases green cleaning services are even less expensive than traditional janitorial services. Many hospitals and medical facilities are switching to green cleaning services as a cost-saving measure, as well as for the health benefits.

Can conventional cleaning products really be dangerous?

Cleaning products are a major contributor to the poor air quality inside buildings. One out of three cleaning products contains ingredients known to cause human health or environmental problems. A study conducted by the Janitorial Products Pollution Prevention Project found that the average janitor uses 48 pounds of hazardous chemicals per year. Many commercial products contain high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can lead to headaches, breathing problems, and other symptoms in building occupants.

But they are not the only ones exposed to unhealthy indoor air. The EPA has estimated that as many as 30% of office workers experience health problems from unhealthy air in buildings, also known as Sick Building Syndrome.

Some cleaning products contain cancer-causing carcinogens and other chemicals that have been linked to reproductive organ damage, birth defects, kidney damage and neurological problems. The detrimental health impact from harsh cleaners is particularly noticeable in janitors, who work with cleaning products daily on the job.

Switching to green cleaners can greatly reduce health problems and related costs.