Green Cleaning Program

Developing and Implementing a Green Cleaning Program

The key to developing and implementing a Green Cleaning Program is commitment. Change is never easy but can be impossible if there isn’t a strong commitment from the top down of a company to go green.

Green Cleaning Services, Inc. works with many companies that are transitioning from a traditional janitorial service to green cleaning. We can help guide you through the process.

Here’s an overview of what it will take:


The key to any successful green cleaning program is a firm commitment from the CEO of a company as well as employees at every level. It’s important to explain the process to management and keep them informed of results from any pilot tests. You want the higher ups committed to green!

A Green Team

Pull together a team from various departments of your company – human resources, operations, upper management, even vendors – to put a program in place and monitor the results.It is important to establish a green team made up of management and facility maintenance personnel. Everyone on the green team must understand the current state of a cleaning program before a plan for improvement can be outlined. Green teams need to consider the following points when building a green cleaning plan: perform an existing cleaning chemical inventory, perform an existing cleaning equipment inventory, evaluate janitorial paper and trash can liners, review cleaning specification and cleaning logs, valuate recycling programs, conduct surveys of the building occupants about general housekeeping, choose issues that can be realistically measured and improved.

Choose a team leader who can communicate well with others, can manage multiple priorities and encourages teamwork. Make sure team members have time and desire to be part of the greening process.

Evaluate Your Current Cleaning Routine

What cleaning products are you now using? Review purchasing records and check on products being used. Are these products contributing to any worker injuries or health issues? Consider what green cleaning alternatives are available and how they would benefit employees and building occupants.

Do a survey of the cleaning equipment now being used and its condition. Also check out mops, paper, wipers, toilet tissue and other products now being used. Do a housekeeping review and note areas that could be improved.

Is there currently a recycling program in place? Review its success rate.

Survey building occupants on the current cleaning service. Do any employees have special needs or health concerns? Note this and consider how green cleaning products could ease their problems.


To institute a successful green cleaning program, everyone in the building needs to be on board. Communicating roles and responsibilities to everyone involved is crucial. Keep everyone in the loop through every part of the process. And be positive to encourage involvement.

To generate buzz about the program come up with a name, even getting employees involved in the naming process.

When you roll out the pilot program, introduce it to occupants and employees. Emphasize how switching to green cleaning can improve their health and the environment. But be realistic with expectations for how green cleaning will improve air quality. Someone with allergies, for example, may not find complete relief even with green changes.

Explain the changes to employees and how it benefits them. Continually update employees and building occupants about the program and cleaning changes and successes.

Pilot Program

Create a pilot program for green cleaning based on information gathered through the evaluation process.

The green team can come up with a plan for the program, outlining what changes will be made and how it will affect building occupants.

A pilot plan should focus on:

  • Areas where you can make the greatest immediate change
  • Areas that are likely to produce the biggest gains
  • Areas that are easy to demonstrate measurable results

Monitor Results

Assess the success of your pilot program. Compare pilot test results to the survey of your traditional cleaning service.

Survey employees, building occupants and janitors on their feelings about the green cleaning program. Use the feedback to expand the program to the entire building.

Use newsletters and other employee communications methods to update everyone on the progress and about the expansion of the program.

Celebrate Success!

Recognize improvements made with the program and any staff members that have played a crucial role. Continue to award employees who contribute to the success of the green cleaning program.